Greenwald Israel – Rebuild and distribute automotive parts

For the last 65 years, we have imported, rebuilt, and distributed automotive starters, alternators, A/C compressors, spare parts, and other car parts like A/C system components, lights, accessories, windshields wipers, jumper cables, boosters, etc.

Our 35 employees serve the Israeli market and the nearby regions.
As the vision of the founder Yehuda Greenwald, "Greenwald-Israel" puts Excellency of quality, service, and innovation.
Investing in high-quality staffing and hi-tech technology & solutions – we take care of our customers and suppliers through long and reliable relationships.

With the company's customers can be found a wide range of institutes, a variety of car importers, garages, and technical service points, by ISO 9001 and having many up-to-date test equipment.

Greenwald Israel represents, also exclusively – and imports for many years from leading firms worldwide such as Holger Christiansen (Cargo Denmark), Transpo-wai, AS-PL, Zen, ZM, Santech, Iskra-Mahle, and many more keeping the high quality.

The latest technology along with reasonable prices and uncompromised service is our company's vision.

Contact us

TEL: +972-3-5370781
FAX: +972-3-5373006

Mr. Gil Greenwald – Complete starters, alternators ,A.C compressors and accessories

Mr. Danny Greenwald – Starters and alternators spare parts

Mr. Lior Yofan – Technical advisor

Mr. Adrian Bernstin – Import division